Author guidelines

General information on journal for authors

On journal: “Water problems: science and technologies” journal was published in 2014 being peer-reviewed scientific issue according to Order No. 226 dated 15 May 2014 of chairman of “Azersu” JSC. Scientific mission of journal: Publication of articles expressing scientifically-methodologically optimal theoretic and practical combination of general-conceptual issues of water management and modern problems of water sector is preferred in “water problems, science and technologies” journal. Journal language: Articles are accepted in Azerbaijani,  English and Russian languages. Reviewing of manuscripts: Decision on publication of manuscripts submitted to editorial office is given on priority basis after the opinions of reviewers. Copyrights: The articles in the magazine are protected by copyright law and all publication laws of these articles refers exclusively to “Water problems: science and technologies” journal. Publication of articles published in journal exactly in other publication is permitted only by written permission of the editorial office and issuing of citations is allowed only by providing the source.

Compilation rules of articles

Structure and volume of manuscript:

  1. Surname of the author (authors) should be stated fully; initials of name and patronymic name, e-mail address and name of organization where the submitted work is implemented should be stated.
  2. The text of article should consist of the followings: annotation (in English and Russian with not more than 10 lines), keywords (5-7 words), introduction, study materials and method used, research explanations, conclusion and literature list.

Text should be published as per following statements not more than 8-10 pages (including tables and images) in Microsoft Word program (ver. 2003-2007) in Times New Roman shrift, font size 12, interval 1.0 and indention 1.25 cm in A4 formatted sheets:

Names of pictures should be stated under the pictures, names of tables should be stated on the tables. References to figures and tables are stated in brackets (figure 1), (table 2). Formulas in text are stated in Equation Editor. Citation list is given one line after text. Reference to the literature in the text are stated in square brackets in numbers [1]. Citation list is prepared alphabetically in font 12.

Layout example


The articles should be submitted to editorial office (AZ 1012, Baku/Azerbaijan, Moscow ave, 73) in 2 copies and in soft copy.

Related person: Rashail Ismayılov

Telephone: (+99412) 430-08-25/35 (ext.  2743)