The priority tasks of “Sukanal” Scientific Research and Design Institute are given below:

Preparation of feasibility study of construction of water supply and sanitation system;

In the frame of scope of works construction and expansion of water supply and sanitation system of settlement of Azerbaijan Republic;

Designing of different capacity of water reservoirs, water intake facilities, water and wastewater stations;

Designing of main water pipelines, sanitation system, groundwater and surface water intake structures, stormwater  collectors, city water and

sewage drainage networks, engineering facilities built on engineering communications designing of sanitary protection zones for water supply facilities;

Seizure of documents and cost estimates for the construction of a feasibility study;

Keeping control of the author.

For the implementation of these works it is given a license number 022641 issued 14 February, 2011 for 5 years by Architecture and Town-Building Commission of Azerbaijan Republic.

For the provision of high-quality drinking water for Baku city, Institute participated closely in  implementation of Oguz-Qabala pipeline founded by national leader Heydar Aliyev and implemented by  President Ilham Aliyev.

As part of the implementation of programs to improve the ecological situation in Baku Bay it was given some recommendations by experts from the Institute for the prevention of waste water.

It was given solutions to avoid problems with water supply and waste water system in country scale projects as “Shahdag Summer-Winter Touristic Complex” and White City.

In the frame of State Program of socio-economic development 2011-2013 it was implemented projects by Institute which are given below according to  “Azersu” OJSC program.

Improving water supply and sanitation system of  Korgoz village of Garadag District

Improving water supply and sanitation system of  AzNS village of Garadag district

Improving and reconstruction water supply and sanitation system of  Zig village of Suraxani District

Improving water supply and sanitation system of  “Dada Qorqud” and “Bahar” settlements of Surachani District

Improving water supply and sanitation system of Guzdek settlement of Absheron District.

Improving water supply and sanitation system of Eldarbeyly, Gideyli, Shabiyan, Qarakolluq, Gushence villages of Ismayilli region

Water supply of Hacalli village of Barda region

Water supply of Chiyni village of Agsu region

Water supply of Malbinisi village of Yevlach region

Water supply of Shigedulan village of Lerik region

Water supply of Eynibulach, Sedan villages of Siyazen regions

Water supply of Kilivar villages of Shabran villages

Water supply of 24 villages of Massalli region

Water supply of 15 villages of Yardamli region

Water supply of Bolludere, Garatorpaq villages of Sheki region

Water supply of Garadolaq, Yeni Garadolaq, Aran, Mehrabli, Kebirli villages of Agcabedi region

Water supply of Garameryem, Ahagi Garameryem, Alchasava, Dovranli, Inche, Yekachana, Garayazi villages of Goychay District

Water Supply of Yelavach village of Guba region

Water supply of Duz Cirdichan, Celili, Ashagi Mulkullu, Dondar Qushqu, Yanichpeye villages of Tovuz region

Water supply of Sherifoba village of Xachmaz region

Improving of Water supply of Toqanalli, Chaykend, Goychakend, Yeni Zod, Mixaylovka, Hacikend and Ashiqli settlements of Gougol region

Construction of water supply system of Guba-Gusar regions

Water supply of Khidirli village of Salyan village

Water supply of several villages of Oguz region

Water supply of Perizamanli village  of Gedebey region

Water supply of Gubali-Baloglan village of Khaciqabul region

Water supply of Saribulaq village of Balaken region

For improving water supply and sanitation system of different regions and villages of Azerbaijan Republic different projects documents were prepared by Institute by order of “Azersu” OJSC.

In accordance with the State Program of socio-economic development 2009-2013 regions of Azerbaijan Republic it was prepared projects by Institute Of “Azersu” OJSC for improving drinking water supply and sanitation system of regional centers and villages close to them, as well as front-line villages in the region.

For example, according to the program by the Institute of Company Urgent Measures for a few hundred meters from the front line in the Goranboy region at once in order to solve the problem of drinking water in the village of Tapgaragoyunlu, the project has been successfully completed.

For the creating water supply system in Tapgaragoyunlu village of Goranboy region with purpose to provide consumers with reliable and quality water as a source of water in the vicinity of the village of Goranboy main water line Ballıqaya was selected. It was piping line 14 km length from the main water line to the Tapgaragoyunlu village. In order to ensure continuous and pure water to the population of village it was constructed 2 reservoirs each with a capacity of 2 x 300 cubic meters and  35.6 km of pipes of different diametersand  the amalgamation of the distribution network has been established for 800 addresses. Thus, 2400 residents of the village were provided with drinking water 24 hours a day.

It should be noted that up to now local people use water from Ince River which is  under   control of Armenian troops and a piece of fine artesian wells used by transportation.

In addition for the improving water supply and sanitation system of villages which are located in front line there were several projects are done

Water supply of Alkhanli village in the Fizuli district.

Water supply of Kolqichay, Sukuragali, Miresheli villages of Agdam region.