General information

“Sukanal” Scientific-Research and Design Institute is the key scientific-research and project organisation realising preparation of feasibility study, appropriate projects for construction and rehabilitation of centralized water supply and sewearge system in settlements, complex engineering survey, scientific-research and investigation.

“Sukanal” (Absheron Regional Water Joint Stock Company  was called “Sukanal” Scientific-Research and Design Institute with the disposal of the president of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated on June 11,2004 on “ Improvement of water supply management in the Republic of Azerbaijan”) was founded on June 06, 1997 as a result of merging former “VodGeo” Scientific-Research Institute founded in 1961 and former “AzerbSETLI” Scientific-Research and Design Institute founded in 1990 depending on Absheron Regional Water Joint Stock Company according to legislation.

Main areas of institute activity include designing of centralized water supply and sewearge systems of the settlements, feasibility study preparation, conducting complex engineering research  for construction according to interstate and international standarts in the Republic of Azerbaijan, conducting scientific-research on different areas, preparation of ecological and water utility passports of officies and enterprises according to regulatory and legal documents.

“Sukanal” Scientific-Research and Design Institute conducts designing of different types of water intakes, sewage collectors, drainage networks, water reservoirs at different sizes, water and sewage pumping stations and basically main and subsidary buildings and plants regarding on opeartion of water supply and sanitation infrastructures of Azersu OJSC.

According to Licensing Rules affirmed by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated on December 21, 2015 perpetual license was given to “Sukanal” Scientific-Research and Design Institute in 2016 by the Ministry of Economy for conducting proper search-egineering and designing of building and plants that required permisson for construction and applied information poceedings.

The Institute has  Scientific-Technical Council with wide staff.

Modern research laboratory existis in the Institute for conducting the analysis of potable, waste and goundwater according to international standarts.

Modern computer programs are used in all stages of designing process of institute.

Professionals from different specialties work in scientific-research and design sections of “Sukanal” Scientific-Research and Design Institute and 3 of them have doctor of science and 8 of them are PhD.

Many young specialists work at institute and special attentioan is paid to improve their knowledge and skills. So that young  specialities take an active part in courses and trainings organised by Azersu OJSC, gain work experience abroad.

Group of  young specalists get acquainted with water supply and sewearge plants in Istanbul, Turkey, took courses and got international certificates.

Thank to their succeses and achievements gained in their job three of our colleges were rewarded with the medals of the Republic of Azerbaijan and three of our college got the name of distinguished engineer.