İmprovement of professional skill

Telim_tedris_4Training and Education Centre launched its actively action since established date.

Training and Education Centre of “Azersu” OJSC has taken specific steps on establishment of Training system in the Company  and personnel training and delivering of short term trainings during its operation in the period of 2012. Since early days of the Center’s Activity it has been studied  current staff situation and organizational structure of “ Azersu” OJSC.

Statistics was prepared to identify training needs and prioritization was conducted.   On the basis of regulatory legal documents, knowledge criteria has been prepared for all worker’s profession. “Azersu”OJSC’s needs for main engineering professions have been studied and training subjects were identified.

21 trainings have been organized by “Azersu” OJSC in 2012. In generally 412 employees of the Company were involved in these trainings and trainings were delivered for different professions and directions.

In comparison with 2012 intensity of organization of trainings has  increased more than twice and covered 54 trainings in 2013. 1102 employees of the Company attended these trainings.

2014 was very fruitful in terms of action. In generally 3783 workers of the Company were involved in 105 trainings in 2014. 68 of delivered trainings were in Baku city, 4 trainings abroad and 33 trainings in regions.  In May 2014 in the frame work of delivered  “ Regional Training Development Program-1” organized by Administration of “Azersu” OJSC, it has been launched implementation of “ Complex Training Plan” Project.

Having identified its yearly action plan the Training and Education Center started trainings. For different training subjects have been delivered by trainers of  SUEZ Environment Azerbaijan Company. In June 2015 in the frame work of delivered “Regional Training Development Program-2” organized by Administration of “Azersu” OJSC it has been launched implementation of “Complex Training Plan” Project. In generally, 133 trainings were delivered in 2015 and 4097 employees attended these trainings.

91 of these trainings were delivered in Baku city, 9 trainings abroad and 33 trainings in the regions. 21 employees of the Company were sent for trainings in foreign Countries ( Japan, Turkey, Spain, South Korea )

Trainings are being continued according to yearly Training Program in 2016. 38 Trainings have been delivered until 13 June  2016. 519 employees of “Azersu” OJSC were involved in these trainings.  7 of these trainings were delivered abroad.