“Bullur” Polygraphy Center


“Bullur” Polygraphy Center under “Sukanal” Scentific-Research and Design Institute began its functioning first time under direct management of “Azersu” OJSC since 1999. The main purpose of establishing this center is to provide “Azersu” OJC and its local regional organizations with all print materials use in their daily activities. “Bullur” Polygraphy Center is undertaken by “Sukanal Scientific-Research and Design Institute” by the decision “Azersu” OJSC management, dated from October 1, 2011.

The Polygraphy Center provides all organizations of “Azersu” OJSC with print materials throughout the country. The center has been awarded license No. 067731 of the Ministry of Finance, dated from 28.03.2012 to issue official reporting sheets

The center has a chief, deputy chief (vacant), editor, accountant, computer operator, 2 engineers, 3 stitcher, 2 print operator, 1 cutting machine operator, 1 worker, and 1 service lady, altogether 14 staff members. The center have been provided with modern printing equipment including 3 operating printing machine, 1 large color printer, 1 paper cutting machine and 1 paper shredder.  In accordance with the employee’s position the works are shared between them.

The center’s staff on the basis of agreements, in accordance with the requirements of the produce annual reports, forms, brochures, acts (Carbonless), service certificates, every kind of accounting forms etc. high-quality printing products, including strict reporting forms –invoice, cash-pay-in slips, receipts 1MQ, daily books and manuals used in daily activities of “Azersu” Open Joint Stock Company and its subsidiaries, local and regional institutions and organizations.

At the end of each month the Center reports to the management and the production department, accounting department, as well as to Ministries of Finance and Taxes about strict registration forms and reports.

During the 2015 “Bullur” Polygraphy Center has concluded 253 contracts for different printing works for “Azersu” OJSC and its organizations.  Total value of these contracts made up 165,600 manats including VAT. During 5 months of 2016, 138 contracts signed and the total value of contracts made up 43,472 manat including VAT.

The staff of the “Bullur” Polygraphy Center do their best to perform the given tasks and proud of these activities. Attendance of the staff is regular and is controlled. In addition, the staff of the Center actively participate in all public events and cultural meetings organized by “Sukanal Scientific-Research and Design Institute”.