Training and Innovation Center


Training and Education Center of “Azersu” OJSC was established in December 2012 in order to improve professionalism and knowledge and skills and experience of employees.

Training and Education Center was approved as a Structure Section  of “ Sukanal” Scientific-Research and Design  Institute by order # 650 dated on 10 December 2013 of “Azersu” OJSC.

Training and Education Center implements and organizes apparatus’ structure units of the Company and works of professional development and improvement of professionalism of employees of departments and enterprises and organizations and  local divisions and other organizations under its subordination.

For this purpose the Center performs the following tasks:

To organize training and education process and implementation of  its management.

To identify employees’ training needs and to ensure high effectiveness of conducted courses and workshops, trainings in order to overcome gaps   in this field  and to prepare projects and propose suggestions for these fields.

To organize initial preparation courses and control implementation of their   for new recruited employees in order to give them minimal and basic knowledge within  needed scope.

To analyze outcomes of assessment process of workers’ activity in training. To prepare relevant Reports according to rules of the Company.

To formalize general Education Plan for all Organizations which include into the Company’s Structure and to prepare Yearly Education and Training Plan.

To ensure effective use of modern scientific technical information and information communication technologies in practical activities.

To direct  knowledge and practice  to practical solution of concrete issues in order to improve quality of training.

To prepare proposals for much more improvement of training procedures in line with international standards.

To involve in education procedure scientists and specialists from outside organizations and Scientific and Educational Institutions.

To implement investigation of local and international Training Programs for improvement of training’s quality.

To implement control over organization of training and assessment of outcomes of the training.

To ensure application and preparation of normative documents identifying assessment forms and criteria of training’s activities of its employees.

The Center analyzes external training opportunities and determines what kind of training courses are important.

The Center implements regular exchange of information with Heads of Structure Section in order to identify factors which will effect action effectiveness of local sections, enterprises and entities and Structure Units of the Company  and employees of  other organizations which are under its subordination and conducts profile inquiries  for all staff and suggests relevant proposals in this field.

A building was determined for Education and Training Center in Hovsan settlement in 2014 and the building was repaired and has been full ready condition. Training rooms and conference room and library, kitchen and fitness hall and bedding rooms have been established in the Education and Training Center according to international standards. A polygon was organized for conducting  practical repetitions. Special places have been organized for employees to have a rest. The Center has been supplied with furniture and special modern equipment. .